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The Georgia father who allegedly left his infant son to die in a hot car complained to officers after his arrest that the police car was too hot.

Cobb County Police Detective Jacquelyn Piper, who responded to the death of 22-month-old Cooper Harris in June 2014, delivered damning testimony Tuesday about the boy’s father, Justin Ross Harris.

Piper told jurors Harris was furious and uncooperative when officers arrived on the scene, even cursing at an officer who asked him to get off his cell phone.

After Harris was arrested, he complained about the handcuffs being too tight and the cop car being too hot, Piper said.

Harris claims that he forgot to drop the toddler off at daycare, accidentally leaving him to die in a sweltering SUV.

Prosecutors allege Harris was obsessed with cheating on his wife, and he left his son to die so he could “escape” from marriage and fatherhood.

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