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Republican vice presidential candidate Gov. Mike Pence reacted to his Democratic counterpart Sen. Tim Kaine's more than 70 interjections and interruptions during Tuesday's vice presidential debate in Southside Virginia.

"To hear Senator Kaine go through their litany of insults, then turn to me and say [you and Donald Trump run an] "insult-driven campaign"--that must've been focus-grouped somewhere," Pence told Sean Hannity.

"Hillary Clinton said half of Donald Trump's supporters were a "basket of deplorables"," he continued, adding that Clinton only expressed regret for using the "half" figure.

"We've got major challenges facing the country today," Pence said, "This campaign is about restoring strong American leadership."

Pence said he spoke to Trump on the telephone after the debate and said the New York mogul was "enthusiastic and encouraging."

"I'm just so honored to stand with Donald Trump in this campaign--he has given voice to the frustrations of the American people."

At a rally in Virginia's Shenandoah Mountain region, Pence remarked that though he participated in Tuesday's forum, "Donald Trump won the debate" because it was his vision and platform that was represented.

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