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A Marine who asked Donald Trump a question at a Virginia veteran's event--for which answer the candidate was heavily criticized--spoke to Bill O'Reilly to offer his reaction to the backlash.

After Trump made remarks to a veterans' PAC in Herndon, Staff Sgt. Chad Robichaux, asked whether he would "support and fund a more holistic approach to veterans [issues like] suicide, PTSD," and other mental health and behavioral issues many veterans cope with.

Trump responded that he would indeed support such measures, but critics took issue with some of his comments in the answer.

Trump said veterans have "seen things" in war, and when they come back to the United States, "some are strong and can handle it, but a lot of others can't."

Robichaux told O'Reilly that he was "surprised" by the backlash against Trump by his critics and some in the media:

"I was privileged to ask the question," he said, "I was satisfied with the answer."

Robichaux said the military and Veterans' Affairs programs addressing veterans' issues when they return from the battlefield "aren't working" and told O'Reilly there needed to be a revitalization and new attention brought to such important matters.

"It is my hope...Mr. Trump, if he becomes president...surrounds himself with people [like Gen. Michael Flynn]," who will press for such issues to be addressed.

Watch the full clip above and let us know what you think in the comments.

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