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Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer discussed with Megyn Kelly which candidate he thought won the debate.

"Unfortunately, the big loser was the moderator," he said.

Krauthammer said CBS News journalist Elaine Quijano "lost control very early" and allowed Tim Kaine and Mike Pence to talk over eachother.

"Toward the end you were getting really good exchanges...and she would say 'we have to go on to another subject'--to which I would say 'why?'," Krauthammer said, adding that the discussion itself was more important than "hitting all the points".

"I thought in the end, it didn't move the needle" in voters' minds, he said.

"Kaine was trying to spread little conventional explosives all over the place...mentioning all the outrageous statements" made by Trump.

"Pence won on tone," he said, "If you've got a very hot candidate, what you want is a cool number-two."

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