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The state of Florida is looking to be a crucial battleground come Election Day, Brit Hume said On the Record.

Washington Examiner columnist Kristen Soltis-Anderson agreed:

"Florida is a state that Donald Trump needs [for its] 29 electoral votes...he needs to make up 64 [electoral] votes over what Mitt Romney won [in 2012]," she told Hume.

As Hume noted, the Miami area-- and much of South Florida-- is home to a high population of Cuban-Americans, who are more reliably Republican than other Latino and Hispanic groups.

A recent poll showed, overall, Trump is trailing Hillary Clinton 54 to 30 percent with Florida's Hispanic electorate.

"The composition of the Latino vote in Florida has changed," Soltis-Anderson said, "The Cuban population makes up a little over one-third" of the Hispanic population.

She said that number has been shrinking due to a growing Puerto Rican population in the Orlando area, along the key Interstate 4 corridor both candidates have been aiming to win.

Seventeen percent of Puerto Rican voters support Trump, who is underwater 15 to 78 percent in favorability among that group.

While swing states like Colorado are showing signs of turning in Trump's favor, Florida's Hispanic electorate remains key to Trump's chances of winning the Sunshine State.

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