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'Insult-Driven Campaign' Clinton Catches Trump Jabbing Kaine on Twitter

In closing his opening remarks about why he believes Hillary Clinton is the more qualified candidate for president, vice presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine said the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency "scares [his family] to death."

"Donald Trump always puts himself first. He built a business career...off the backs of the little guy," Kaine said.

When Kaine criticized Trump over his first campaign speech in June 2015 at Trump Tower, when he announced his candidacy, saying Trump made derogatory remarks about some Mexican-Americans, Pence cut in:

"You and Hillary Clinton would know a lot about an insult-driven campaign."

Pence in turn characterized Clinton's term as secretary of state as "failed foreign policy".

When Pence began discussing American foreign policy toward Russia, Kaine interjected, saying Pence and Trump "love Russia."

After a short back-and-forth, Pence objected to Kaine's remarks, to which Kaine replied by calling Pence "Donald Trump's apprentice"--apparently a veiled reference to Trump's interjections during the first presidential debate.

"I'm still on my time," Kaine said.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both reacted to the early fireworks, on Twitter:


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