Who Won The VP Debate? Pundits Weigh In on Pence and Kaine

Megyn Presses Clinton Camp on Kaine's Iran Claim

Donald Trump announced prior to the vice presidential debate that he would be 'live-tweeting' the event as it progressed.

During the debate itself, Mike Pence and Tim Kaine sparred over insults thrown by the other's running mate--repeatedly mentioning the phrase "insult-driven campaign".

Hillary Clinton used that moniker to call out Trump after catching him apparently insulting Kaine via a re-tweet:

Jnelson52722 tweeted at Trump that Kaine "looks like an evil crook out of the Batman movies".

Trump retweeted the remark, which Clinton subsequently noticed and retweeted herself, writing:

"Yes, Trump and Pence are running an insult-driven campaign. Donald's literally doing it right now."

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