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Tuesday on The Five, Greg Gutfeld explained why Gov. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) and Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) are vital to the balance of their respective presidential candidates.

"Forget about the presidential debates--[Tuesday's] debate is what matters most," he said, "This is the 'heartbeat-away' crew--These two guys are behind that glass we break 'in case of emergency'," he said.

Gutfeld said neither man was their running mate's first choice, joking that Hillary Clinton wanted Huma Abedin and Donald Trump wanted Vladimir Putin.

"These mild extras from Allstate [insurance] commercials were picked to calm a country worried about the other two," Gutfeld said.

"When their significant other is puking into a planter at a party, its up to the Kaines and Pences of the world to say 'he didn't mean that' or 'sorry she's not feeling well'."

Pence and Kaine neutralize the controversial or unpopular characteristics of their respective presidential candidates, making them vital to each ticket's success, Gutfeld said.

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