Eric Trump hit back at Hillary Clinton for her criticism of his father's reported non-payment of income taxes. 

Clinton called Trump "the poster boy for the same rigged system he would make even worse," claiming he failed to pay taxes for years and is now proposing tax cuts that would help the wealthy even more.

Eric Trump said on America's Newsroom this morning that her criticism is "ironic," because Clinton has never created a "single job" and has "lived off of" tax dollars for her entire life. 

He said, on the contrary, his father has built an "incredible" business and has "amazing assets and amazing properties" all over the world. 

Trump said his father is funding his campaign with his own money, while Clinton's campaign is being funded by Wall Street.

"If you have a legal tax deduction, you should take it. ... If you're in private industry, you use the laws to your advantage," said Trump, arguing that his father wants a "simplified" tax system.

He concluded by defending his father's 3am tweeting, saying "at least my father is up at 3 in the morning." 

"Maybe that energy is sometimes a little bit of a downfall of his, but he'll be there to answer the call when things go bad. ... He works harder than any human being alive," said Trump.

Watch the segment above and let us know your reaction. 

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