Who Won The VP Debate? Pundits Weigh In on Pence and Kaine

'Insult-Driven Campaign' Clinton Catches Trump Jabbing Kaine on Twitter

Hillary Clinton's campaign's national press secretary Brian Fallon spoke with Megyn Kelly about Mike Pence and Tim Kaine's performance at the vice presidential debate.

Clinton had suggested she and Obama have effectively stopped Iran's nuke program, Kelly reported.

"No one thinks it's stopped--[it's] been curbed at best," Kelly said.

"There's no question that as a result of [the Iran] deal...we have suspended...the complete ambitions of the Iran regime," Fallon said, "the status quo is not going to be tenable."

"We are much safer," Fallon said.

When Kelly pressed Fallon again, saying that Iran's nuclear capabilities have not been stopped, Fallon said the statement was factually wrong.

"We're not suggesting the Iranians don't continue to harbor ambitions...but their capability to pursue their nuclear program is completely off now."

"That's why Hillary Clinton [utilizes] a distrust-but-verify approach," he said, playing off of Ronald Reagan's famous line.

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