'This Is Much Deeper Than Pneumonia': Ed Klein on Hillary's Health Issues

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Ed Klein, author of Guilty as Sin, said on Fox & Friends that Attorney General Loretta Lynch was going to the White House for "secret" meetings to keep the president up to date on the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server.

He said that despite assurances to the public that the FBI would be conducting an independent investigation, Lynch was working with the White House on a "strategy" to make sure the former secretary of state would not face charges.

"[Lynch] was secretly going to the White House with FBI documents and filling in Valerie Jarrett and the President about what was going on so that they could get a strategy to make sure that [Clinton] would not be indicted," said Klein, citing sources inside the Obama administration, others that were in the Clinton administration and sources "very close to" Jarrett, Obama's top adviser.

Klein explained that originally, Obama wanted all documents concerning Clinton's emails to be turned over to the FBI and wanted her to face indictment so that Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren could become the Democratic nominee.

"[Obama] and Bill Clinton are blood feud guys. They really dislike each other and his feeling was if the Clintons got in the White House, the Obamas would be marginalized," said Klein, adding that Obama changed course when he realized he was "stuck with" Clinton as the nominee against Donald Trump. 

Klein was then asked about Clinton's health in light of her recent bout of pneumonia and a near-collapse in public following a 9/11 commemoration.

According to his sources, Klein said Mrs. Clinton suffers from a heart valve problem that hasn't been corrected because she did not want health questions to dog her presidential run.

"She has a tendency, as we all know, to blood clot, so if she faints because of her low blood pressure and hits her head, she could have a blood clot that could be fatal," he added.

Watch the interview above and past Fox News appearances by Ed Klein, here.

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