Donald Trump mocked Hillary Clinton for nearly collapsing last month while battling pneumonia.

At a Saturday night rally in Pennsylvania, the Republican presidential candidate imitated Clinton, turning away from the audience and pretending that he was struggling to walk.

Trump's mock-collapse drew raucous applause from his supporters. He argued again that Clinton does not have the "stamina" to be president. 

"She's supposed to fight all these different things and she can't make it 15 feet to her car. Give me a break," he said.

He then quipped that Clinton was at home resting, preparing for her next speech, which will be "about 15 minutes in two or three days."

The issue of Clinton's health came up last month when she appeared to collapse while getting into a van after a 9/11 ceremony in New York City.

Watch the clip above and reaction from America's Newsroom from Mary Anne Marsh and Kristen Soltis Anderson.

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