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In Monday's edition of 'Campus Craziness', Brit Hume described more cases of controversial incidents at America's colleges.

For so-called "male-identified" Duke University students, the Durham, N.C. school has established a "safe space" for them to "contemplate their masculinity", Hume said On The Record.

The program is a nine-week course called the Duke Men's Project, which touches on topics including male privilege, patriarchy, the language of dominance, rape culture, pornography and machismo.

An editorial about the program appeared in the school newspaper, called "Engendering Gender Harmony".

A male supporter of the program told HeatStreet that the course will "help men proactively deconstruct their masculinity."

In New York City, a recent graduate of Columbia University said he was told he needed to be "re-educated" after he referred to himself as "handsome" in class.

A complaint was filed against him by another student with the Manhattan school's 'Gender-Based Misconduct Office'. 

The defending student said he had to meet with the class' professor and a dean about the incident.

Columbia told Fox News they take gender-based misconduct "very seriously".

A few hours to the west, Penn State University launched a poster campaign called "We're a Culture, Not a Costume", to coincide with Halloween.

The posters at the State College, Pa. school feature ethnic minority students holding photographs of costumed individuals they find offensive to their heritage.

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