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"Brexit" architect Nigel Farage joined Neil Cavuto on Your World to discuss Donald Trump's performance at the first presidential debate, as well as look forward to the second forum next week.

"I'm coming out this weekend for the second a guest, [and] as a commentator," Farage, a Member of European Parliament for southeast England, said.

Farage, 52, slammed Trump's Democratic rival Hillary Clinton for what he called "Hillary hypocrisy."

"She attacks Trump over his tax arrangement [from 1995]...attacking him for what is a perfectly legal [maneuver]," he said, "Now we know that the Clintons themselves in 2015 registered a capital gains loss that they can carry over."

"All these things she accuses Trump of, she is guilty of herself."

"Do not be accused of financial impropriety by the Clintons--do not be told you are a misogynist by a woman whose Clinton Foundation has taken money from Saudi Arabia...just don't get involved in some terrible catfight."

"Rise above it and tell the American people why you are the candidate for change," he said.

Speaking about Trump's debate performance in particular, Farage said the "first 20 minutes [were] tremendous."

"He was talking a language I have not heard since Reagan. He was talking about the American Dream--And then, she very cleverly, and very cynically and with that horrible smug expression...went for him personally and he sought to defend himself in front of the American people."

"Don't take abuse from a Clinton. Look at their track record in a whole raft of areas," Farage said. "Forget about her--connect with ordinary people."

Watch the Second Presidential Debate on Sunday evening, October 9, on FOX NEWS CHANNEL. Live from Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri.

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