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A YouTube personality discussed this morning what happened when he brought an "All Lives Matter" sign into a predominantly-black neighborhood in Staten Island, New York. 

Joey Salads' viral YouTube video, posted last week, also showed the reactions from people when he held up a "Black Lives Matter" sign in a mostly-white area. 

Responding to critics who argue he was antagonizing people, Salads said he wanted to conduct a "social experiment," not a scientific study.

He said he wanted to compare and contrast the reactions. In the "Black Lives Matter" scenario, respondents disagreed with the sign, arguing that it should say "All Lives Matter." 

People expressed the view that the phrase "Black Lives Matter" segregates African-Americans and makes it harder for people to come together. Salads cited statistics showing white people are just as affected by police brutality as blacks. 

Meantime, he was chased and attacked for holding up the "All Lives Matter" sign on a sidewalk. Salads said he was not injured, since he had friends around to break up the situation, but one of his friends was "trampled to the ground."

"I did get nervous, but I've dealt with worse," he explained.

Salads, whose videos have progressed from pranks to political experiments, agreed that the country has become "polarized."

Watch the interview above and the original video below, which has been viewed more than 4.3 million times.

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(Warning: video below contains profanity.)