A former Washington state high school football coach who was fired for his post-game prayers attended a Donald Trump event today. 

Trump was discussing religious freedom when he brought up the case of Joe Kennedy and was notified that the former coach was actually in the audience. 

The GOP candidate, speaking in Virginia at the Retired American Warriors PAC, asked Kennedy to stand up and explain what happened.

Kennedy explained that for eight years, he always kneeled at the 50-yard line after each Bremerton High School game and said a prayer.

But a year ago, he was told to stop the prayers and when he refused, he was suspended.

He explained to Trump that he then received a surprisingly poor performance review from the district, which chose not to renew his contract a few months later.

"So you're not allowed to pray before a football game?" Trump asked, calling it "outrageous" and "horrible."

"It's about religious liberty," said Trump, adding "it"s very unfair what they're doing to religion in this country."

Kennedy has since filed a federal lawsuit to get his job back. 

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