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The Donald Trump presidential campaign recently purchased rights to a web domain that sounds very similar to one Hillary Clinton's camp could have used as an actual campaign website.

Trump himself announced the site's existence Monday, in a post on Facebook:


Instead of redirecting to the web portal for the Hillary Clinton-Tim Kaine presidential ticket, the website "www.clintonkaine.com" resembles a news organization's website and is filled with real news articles critical of both Clinton and Kaine.

The site's "top story" on Monday evening was a link to a piece about Clinton's recently leaked remarks about Bernie Sanders supporters "living in their parents' basement".

Other links on the site's homepage include a CNBC story reporting that Kaine, currently a Virginia senator, accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gifts while in office.

It also lists a number of "stories" that link to official Republican Party webpages documenting the RNC's research on Clinton and Kaine.

At the very bottom of the website is the familiar requisite disclaimer "Paid for by Donald J. Trump for President, Inc." that appears on all campaign-sanctioned materials.

According to USA Today, the domain 'clintonkaine.com' was first purchased by an attorney named Jeremy Green in 2011 for less than $8.

He recently sold rights to the website for $15,000.

Green, 28, is a Clinton supporter who plans to work the polls for the Democratic presidential nominee, the paper said. 

In addition to purchasing the ClintonKaine domain, Green also bought ClintonBiden.com and Cruz2016.com.

"I bought it because I knew that if Clinton-Kaine ended up being the 2016 ticket, I would be able to use the web traffic to have some fun with domain, and eventually sell it." Green said. 

After he failed to receive an offer from the actual Clinton-Kaine campaign that met his price threshold, he hired a broker to find a buyer--which ended up being the Trump campaign.

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