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Donald Trump's transition team chairman and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie joined Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday to discuss the New York Times report that Trump declared a more than $915 million loss on his 1995 tax return, which allowed for the possibility of paying little or no taxes for 18 years thereafter.

The report "shows what an absolute mess the federal tax code is," Christie said, "and that's why Donald Trump is the person in the best position to fix it."

"The worst part is that this is the tax code the people in America suffer under every day," he said.

Wallace pressed Christie as to whether the actions taken by Trump, in declaring a large loss for the possibility of future tax relief, was an untoward practice.

Christie disagreed:  "Even [the New York Times'] own tax expert, after a big splashy headline...said nothing was outside the law or outside the ordinary," he said.

"When a lot of businesses went out of business in the 1990s, he clawed back...This is a very good story for Donald Trump."

He added that the Times has no information as to whether Trump used the law to refrain from paying taxes for up to 18 years, or whether it was just a large declared loss.

The Garden State governor decried the "Byzantine tax laws" that allow for even the possibility of such an exchange.

Turning to Hillary Clinton's candidacy, Christie said that he was "not going to jump for every piece of bait...when nobody is [talking about] the things Hillary said on that debate stage."

He criticized her for her "basket of deplorables" and "living in their parents basement" remarks.

Christie also gave an update on the tragedy in Hoboken, N.J. last week, when a Pascack Valley commuter train from the Clarkstown, N.Y. area slammed into the 100-year old terminal during morning rush, killing one and injuring at least 100.

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