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Libertarian vice presidential nominee William Weld said Sunday that he thought Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was the most qualified presidential candidate, Abby Huntsman reported on Fox & Friends.

Weld was speaking to MSNBC about the presidential race, discussing how he thought Clinton bested Donald Trump at the debate and recounted his fears about what could happen during a Trump presidency.

"I'm not sure anybody's more qualified than Hillary Clinton to be president of the United States."

Weld, 71, continued, saying "that's not the end of the inquiry though."

"We were two-term governors and I think Gary [Johnson] is very solid," Weld said.

Johnson, a former New Mexico governor, and Weld, a former Massachusetts governor--both who held office as Republicans--have often referenced their leadership as fiscal conservatives in "blue" states.

"I think Gary Johnson's running mate just endorsed Hillary," Tucker Carlson commented.

Weld's remarks come after at least two perceived gaffes by Johnson, in which he could not name his "favorite foreign leader" and responded to a question about a key city in Syria by saying "what is Aleppo?"

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