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Milwaukee County, Wisc. Sheriff David Clarke, Jr. discussed with Sean Hannity how Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been heavily scrutinized by the media, compared to President Obama and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

"They're covering for him," Clarke said of Obama, "pay no attention to the 'man behind the curtain'," he added.

"The liberal mainstream media is dwindling into irrelevancy...and Donald Trump understands this is a dragon that has to be slayed."

Clarke said the threat of a Trump presidency means that Clinton's candidacy is the media's "last chance" to have "any influence over the American public" on presidential politics.

The sheriff compared Trump's ongoing battle with some in the media to Muhammad Ali boxing George Foreman, saying that, like Ali, Trump is playing 'rope-a-dope'.

"The media is pounding away, throwing everything they got like George Foreman was, and every once in a while Donald Trump looks up and smiles and says 'is that all you got?'," Clarke said.

On Election Day, "the American public is going to fire back and finish them off... they are scared as hell," he added.

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