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Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban entered the No Spin Zone on Friday to discuss Donald Trump’s performance at the first presidential debate.

Cuban also discussed a warning he tweeted about the future of Trump’s finances, should he lose the election to Hillary Clinton.

Cuban, a Clinton supporter, said on The O’Reilly Factor that he thought the former secretary of state performed much better than Trump at the debate.

Clinton also told a recent rally crowd that Cuban’s presence in the front row at the forum "really unsettled" Trump.

"I’m not taking credit [for Trump’s performance]," Cuban told Eric Bolling, "I think what really unsettled [Trump] was [Clinton’s] ability to bait him."

Cuban said he initially supported Trump during the primary season but shifted his support to Clinton after he thought Trump would not take the time to "learn the issues."

He also warned Trump in a tweet that "if [he] loses this election, I’m betting he personally goes bankrupt within seven years. That’s how toxic his brand is now."

Cuban explained that the "demographics" of his most fervent supporters do not match those of the clientele at his properties, and that he may have alienated his core customer base in the way he has run for office.

"He built his brand... based off of being a premium brand," Cuban said.

"He [as a candidate] talks a lot about the elite and the insiders and the wealthy and how that's not his core following and that's not who's voting for him," he said, "well those are the people who really bought into his brand...and could afford a tee time at a Trump golf course."

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