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Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer offered advice to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump regarding his preparation for the final two debates with Hillary Clinton:

"When you see a trail of cheese, don’t follow it. There's a trap at the other end."

Krauthammer told Megyn Kelly that Trump was doing well and gaining modestly in popularity when he was being more measured and reserved than in his primary campaign.

He suggested that Trump not follow the "cheese" set out by Clinton in the way of criticisms of his "self-image", like the Alicia Machado controversy, which was mentioned by his Democratic rival at the first debate.

Prior to that debate, "they shackled him...handcuffs, everything," Krauthammer said on The Kelly File, "He got his issues out [to the public] and didn't get in too much trouble."

He said Trump made "two huge mistakes" at the first debate: Delving into the Miss Universe-Alicia Machado controversy, and taking "the bait on taxes, and actually admitting to 86 million Americans that he doesn't pay them, and he's proud of it."

"He needs to simply refuse to follow those issues--stick to what works," 

Krauthammer said it would be fine for Trump to criticize Clinton's own history, but "not on sexual harassment stuff" but "her own damn scandals," he said, paraphrasing Sen. Bernie Sanders.

"If you're ten points behind and you have nothing else, [then] you launch your missiles."

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