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What would you do if you were faced with the split-second, life-or-death decision that American police officers face?

WACH-TV in Lexington, South Carolina, along with other local stations, sent some of their reporters to experience the "force or no force" training firsthand.

The Lexington County Sheriff's Office then put the reporters through real-life situations that are faced by its deputies, like a traffic stop.

The decision on whether to fire the training weapon was up to each reporter's own judgment and perception of the threat. 

The sheriff said the exercise was meant to demonstrate the decisions officers face each day in light of the riots in Charlotte over the Keith Scott shooting.

The video has garnered more than five million views on Facebook in just a few days, shared more than 120,000 times.

One reporter, Shelli Adamczyk, said she came away from the sessions with added appreciation for what officers face. 

"It is a split-second. You can say, 'I would have done this or I would have done that,' but until you're in that situation, you never know," she said.

Watch how the reporters reacted above.

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