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A system called positive train control (PTC), designed to automatically slow down a train in an emergency, has yet to be implemented across the country despite a mandate from Congress last year.

After a New Jersey Transit train crash this morning in Hoboken, which left at least one person dead and more than 100 injured, the blame game is already underway in Washington.

In the wake of the deadly Philly Amtrak derailment in May 2015, lawmakers demanded all trains implement this technology quickly, Shannon Bream reported this afternoon.

Despite deadlines, it hasn't happened and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) criticized her colleagues today for delaying the implementation, which was supposed to happen by the end of last year.

Ed Henry reported the details this afternoon on America's Election HQ, saying that lawmakers wanted every train to operate with PTC after eight people lost their lives in the Philadelphia accident.

Henry said that in October 2015, leaders in both parties, including Pelosi, extended the deadline, allowing railroads until the end of 2018 to complete the process.

In some cases, the transportation secretary could grant railroads up to an additional two years to complete the PTC installation.

Henry said the extension was passed by voice vote, so lawmakers didn't have to put their names on their votes.

"Basically no accountability," Henry noted.

The rail industry argues it needs more time to develop the technology before it can be implemented.

Watch the full report above.

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