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A passenger aboard a train that crashed in Hoboken, New Jersey, described the terrifying moment of impact on America's Newsroom moments ago.

At least one person has been confirmed dead in the morning rush hour crash, with more than 100 injured, many of them critically.

Jim Finan, who was commuting to work in New York City, said the train "never slowed down" and plowed right through the station and into the bumper.

"It was coming in at full tilt," he said.

Finan said the train was "really crowded" this morning, moreso than usual, and that a lot of people were standing. An emergency official said earlier that typically there are 250 people aboard the train at this time of day.  

He said that "luckily" he was sitting down and that most of those injured were standing. He estimated there were 20 to 25 people standing in the first car. 

Finan described "panic" afterwards as people tried to smash windows to get out. He said a few people climbed out windows, but the doors opened quickly and that allowed people to escape. 

He said people who were standing "went flying" and that he could see people had suffered head injuries.

Finan said there was about 30 seconds where he could feel the train was not on the track anymore and that he braced for impact.

Watch the full interview above and see full coverage at FoxNews.com.

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