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At one bar in the critical swing state of Pennsylvania, Donald Trump was seen as the clear winner of Monday night's debate, the New York Post reported.

More than 84 million watched the showdown between Trump and Hillary Clinton and many bars across the country reportedly opted for politics over Monday Night Football.

Paralegal Kady Letosky, who works nights at the Tin Lizzy tavern in Youngstown, talked to Ainsley Earhardt this morning about why Trump came out ahead of Clinton in the bar full of undecided voters.

Letosky, who said she registered to vote after the debate, said Clinton seemed more focused on "personal jabs" at Trump, rather than the issues at hand. 

She said that in the past, she didn't have faith in any presidential candidates but believes Trump "wants to change things and move forward as a country."

Letosky, 28, said she believes in Trump's overall theme of "Make America Great Again," explaining that she believes in his message of keeping jobs in the U.S. and closing the borders.

She said she considers the area where the bar is located, about an hour outside Pittsburgh, to be "Trump-dominated" this year. 

"It's an area of hard workers. People with morals and ethics," she said. 

Ken Reed, who watched at the same bar, said Clinton came across as smug, while Trump, in his view, gave "specifics on jobs and the economy."

The Keystone State, won by President Obama in 2008 and 2012, holds 20 electoral votes.

Clinton has led for months in the polls, but the numbers have narrowed in recent weeks. She now holds a two-point lead, according to the RealClearPolitics average.

Watch the full Fox & Friends interview above.

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