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A New York Yankees fan committed an unforced error Tuesday night when he dropped the ring as he asked his girlfriend to marry him, and it was all captured on the stadium's huge jumbotron!

In the middle of the fifth inning of the Yankees 6-4 win over the Boston Red Sox, Andrew Fox stood up in the left field stands and asked his girlfriend, Heather Terwilliger, to look at the scoreboard.

With the whole stadium watching, he went to one knee, opened the Kay Jewelers box... and it was empty!

The crowd gasped and fans seated nearby frantically helped the couple search for the missing ring, as the cameras cut away.

After several painful minutes, Terwilliger looked in the cuff of her jeans, and there it was!

Ring in hand, Fox dropped to a knee and proposed, and Terwilliger said yes to huge cheers from the crowd.

Watch the proposal fail - and win - above.

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