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Students at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse called on the 'hate response team' to investigate two cases in which they were offended by something they saw on campus.

The 'hate response team' received reports of a student offended by flyers depicting a Christian cross, the La Crosse Tribune reported.

The student said the image represented "oppression and hate" against the LGBT community, Brit Hume said on On the Record.

Another student filed a complaint about a depiction of 'Harry Potter' character Neville Longbottom, alleging it represented "white power, man-power, cis-power...[and] class power."

The university told Fox News that the merits of the incidents don't necessarily reflect the views of the school. Across the lake in Michigan, left-wing students stormed a debate watch party hosted by conservative students.

They banged on drums and chanted, interrupting the event.

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