The U.S. Senate will vote today on overriding a veto by President Obama of a bill that allows the families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia for its role in the terrorist attack. '

Fox News strategic analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) said this morning that overriding the veto is "necessary" in order for the United States to begin calling out Saudi Arabia's "unsavory" behavior.

He said that the bill will lead to some "frivolous" lawsuits against the U.S. and the military, "but at some point you've got to say 'stop'" when it comes to the Saudis.

"This bill is the first time any element of the U.S. government has seriously punished Saudi Arabia for its countless misdeeds, for its sponsorship of radical terror," he argued.

Peters said from 9/11 onward, all of the terror attacks on U.S. soil can be traced back to "Saudi sponsorship of Wahhabi Islam," calling it a "hillbilly Bedouin cult that has nearly destroyed Middle Eastern Islam."

He accused the Saudis of "subverting" legitimate governments, secularism and modern Islam in "country after country."

"They are pure poison. ... We've got to hold the Saudi bigots responsible," said Peters, explaining that ISIS, al Qaeda and other terror organizations have been "foisted upon us from Wahhabi philosophy sponsored by Saudi Arabia."

"Washington has covered up for the Saudis for so long, it's just disgusting," he concluded.

Watch the America's Newsroom interview above.

UPDATE: The veto was overridden by the Senate in a 97-1 vote Wednesday and the House did the same. It's the first time in Obama's presidency that a veto has been overridden.

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