Jennifer Griffin reported from the campaign trail in New Hampshire today as the Obamas, Bernie Sanders and a longtime Republican senator are speaking out for Hillary Clinton. 

Sanders, who lost in a contentious primary battle with Clinton - and whose young supporters remain hesitant to back Clinton - will campaign for her today. 

Meantime, President Obama spoke on the Steve Harvey radio show, arguing that Clinton is not getting the support she deserves. 

"People just do not give [Hillary Clinton] credit, and part of it maybe is because she's a woman and we have not elected a woman president before," he said.

And he cautioned supporters that if they stay home on Election Day, Trump could win. 

"If you don't vote, that's a vote for Trump. If you vote for a third-party candidate who's got no chance to win, that's a vote for Trump," he said. 

Michelle Obama, meanwhile, campaigned for Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia, lamenting those who have questioned whether her husband was born in the U.S. 

Mrs. Obama said Trump's repeated birther-ism statements cannot be "swept under the rug by an insincere sentence at a press conference."

Griffin reported that retired Sen. John Warner (R-VA), who served five terms until 2009, has now endorsed Clinton.

The former Navy secretary has never endorsed a Democrat, but expressed concern about Trump's lack of national security knowledge and comments about the state of the military. 

Watch the full report above.

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