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Wednesday on The Five, Greg Gutfeld echoed a warning by FBI Director Jim Comey, who said that the United States should expect a "terrorist diaspora" after ISIS is routed from Iraq and Syria.

"They will not all die on the battlefield," Comey said.

"He's talking about Skittles," Gutfeld said, referring to a meme circulated by Donald Trump, Junior, meant to represent terrorist-sympathizers hiding amongst the Middle Eastern refugee "bowl".

"Today, it's easier for bad people to infiltrate good blending in with good people fleeing bad places."

Our job is to "sift through [the] Skittles", Gutfeld said.

Citing "homegrown" terrorist threats like the New Jersey man who allegedly attacked New York and the Jersey Shore, Gutfeld said an "internal threat" means "the Skittles thing" doesn't work anymore.

The correct simile to use to illustrate this new threat is our "immune system" ridding our body--the United States-- of homegrown extremists, he said.

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