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Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said on Your World that Hillary Clinton is showing "sheer hypocrisy" by confronting Donald Trump on his taxes.

Neil Cavuto asked about Clinton's new line of attack on Trump, who suggested at the debate that he is "smart" for avoiding taxes.

The Clintons are "creatures of government," Gingrich responded, noting that the Clintons have lived in Arkansas and Washington, D.C. housing that is paid for by tax dollars.

He added that the The Clinton Foundation is "tax-free and pays all sorts of salaries to all sorts of people and takes care of cronies of the Clintons," who he said "love high taxes in part because they expect to get them as part of their various projects."

Gingrich said that all over America, law-abiding people seek to find ways to minimize their tax payments.

He said he feared the next debate would be "one-on-three" with Trump facing both Clinton and moderators Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper, who he insinuated would be more hospitable to Clinton.

Watch his comments above.

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