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Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado says that Donald Trump called her names like "Miss Piggy" and "Miss Housekeeping," and now she's speaking out because she wants to "open a few eyes" about the Republican nominee.

On "The Kelly File" last night, Machado recalled the times Trump privately and publicly insulted her weight gain, claiming that she suffered from bulimia and anorexia as a result.

Megyn Kelly brought up a May 1997 interview - that took place before the Miss Universe pageant - in which Machado claimed to have battled eating disorders.

Machado flatly denied that, suggesting that the interviewer "manipulated" the information.

She said her only goal in speaking out is to let people know that Trump is "not a good person."

"The point is, no more abuse for us. No more abuse for the girls. If you gain weight, if you don't look [like] the most beautiful girl in the world, you have your mind, you have your heart, you are strong, you are intelligent."

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Meantime, reported today on Machado's complicated past, included an accusation that she threatened to kill a Venezuelan judge in the late 90s. 

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