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The New York Times suggested in a recent article that Donald Trump must practice in advance of the next debate.

Megyn Kelly spoke with Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway about how Trump will prepare for the next debate and whether he will continue to "take the bait" from Hillary Clinton.

Conway said Trump did "practice and prepare" for Monday night and the campaign will take into account the town-hall setting of the next debate.

Conway credited Trump's ability to "joust and jab with Hillary...on TPP" and the North American Free Trade Agreement signed by Bill Clinton in the 1990s.

Kelly noted that Trump's own advisers have been critical of his performance over the last few days and that he "walked into traps."

"If Mr. Trump was guilty of anything Monday night, it was certainly answering questions as they were asked," Conway answered.

Conway said that Trump hasn't gotten enough credit for being so "gracious" at the beginning and end of the debate, noting that he refrained from saying some "rough stuff" because he saw Clinton's family in the audience.

Conway faulted Clinton for running ads that are "not nice," mentioning comments by Trump "over 25 years or with respect to women."

"Kellyanne, come on. It's not nice? They are running for president. Of course she's gonna hit him with negative ads," Kelly countered, adding that the ads use Trump's own words about women. 

She argued that candidates always hit each other with negative ads and that Trump should "hit her right back."

Watch the full discussion above.

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