Julie Roginsky said today on Outnumbered that Hillary Clinton successfully "baited" Donald Trump, changing the course of last night's first presidential debate. 

She said that the first 30 minutes of the debate were great for Trump, specifically the exchanges on trade agreements and TPP, and that he was "knocking it out of the park" in the early stages. 

"Had he kept that up for 90 minutes, I really believe he would have put this away. But instead, he allowed himself to be baited," said Roginsky, adding that he failed to stick to the core issues that have been resonating with voters. 

"All Trump had to do was not take the bait and keep it together for 90 minutes and he would have exceeded the very low threshold that the media established for him. ... I cannot believe that he allowed himself to be baited by her," she argued, calling out his comments on his taxes, birther-ism and a former Miss Universe's weight gain.

Roginsky questioned whether Americans watched Trump last night and wondered about how easily Trump could be "baited" as president.

Bret Baier agreed that Trump allowed himself to be "drawn into questions that he didn't have to be drawn into." He added that one of Trump's "Achilles heels" is that he tries to answer every question, whereas a veteran politician would be able to "pivot" away from certain topics.

Overall, he said that the Clinton campaign has a "real problem" if the post-debate polls do not move in her direction.

Watch the discussion above and let us know your thoughts. 

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