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Former Manhattan Borough president Andrew Stein, a lifelong New York Democrat, explained to Neil Cavuto why he is separating from many in his party to support Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Stein, whose father, Jerry Finkelstein, was also heavily involved in Empire State politics, forging relationships with late Gov. Mario Cuomo and former Attorney General Bobby Kennedy, said he supports Trump in-part because he has seen what he has done in New York.

“The city took ten years to [revamp Central Park’s Wollman Rink] yet couldn’t get it done—Donald did it in six months [and] under-budget—We need a pro-growth president. [He talks about] cutting tax rates” and “undoing” Obamacare, Stein said.

“Hillary, when she ran for New York Senator, said she was going to create 200,000 jobs Upstate. When she [left office,] there were ‘minus’-8,000 [jobs],” he said.

Cavuto asked Stein about diverting from his party line, as Stein’s history was “steeped” in Democratic politics.

“You’re a ‘New York’ Democrat with a capital D,” Cavuto said.

“[Former Vice President] Hubert Humphrey even stayed at my apartment—I’ve gotten grief from New York Democrats [for supporting Trump]—‘how could you do this’,” Stein replied.

Stein also said NBC moderator Lester Holt was “very unfair” to Trump.

“He didn’t ask any [follow-up questions] to Hillary,” Stein said, mentioning Clinton’s pay-for-play and email server scandal accusations.

“She says she has all the experience… but it’s all negative.”

“Libya’s a disaster—Iraq—Syria—the Russian reset…So I think she has a terrible record,” Stein said.

Cavuto spoke with Stein, as a Democrat supporting Trump, after speaking with billionaire Mark Cuban, a self-described former supporter of Trump, who now supports Clinton.

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