VIDEO: Hillary Supporters Unwittingly Agree With Trump Quotes

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Jimmy Kimmel found some people who were definitely not qualified to weigh in on the first presidential debate

That's because when a show producer hit the streets of L.A. for the "Lie Witness News" segment, the much-anticipated debate had not actually happened yet. 

As Kimmel noted, that didn't really matter, since everyone wants to look like they know what's going on. 

One man was impressed with Hillary Clinton's "poise," calling her very "poise-ful," though he clearly had no idea what the interviewer was referring to. 

A father, with his young son at his side, said Trump made his points "clearly," adding that "honesty" is important to him as a voter. 

The questions got more and more outlandish... 

One woman was happy that Clinton proved the "ignorant" Trump wrong by doing pull-ups on a pull-up bar that Trump brought onto the stage. 

What about when Trump said he'd only use nuclear weapons if he was "real pissed off?"

Or when the candidates kissed on the lips when it was over?

Watch the hilarious questions and answers above. 

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