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Michael Moore live-tweeted last night's presidential debate, again warning liberals that Donald Trump could very well defeat Hillary Clinton in the general election.

“If you just turn off the TV right now and do nothing, you’ve just elected Donald Trump,” Moore tweeted. “Do something! Plan what you’re going to do tomorrow.”

“Pro-Hillary gloaters doing end zone dance again when still on 50-yard line,” he added. “You must get it in your head Trump is gonna win and act accordingly!”

Moore has repeatedly said that he doesn't think liberals are fully appreciating the possibility of a Trump victory. 

He told Bill Maher after the GOP convention that Trump was resonating with Rust Belt voters, specifically in his homestate of Michigan, who are economically frustrated. 

In a May conversation with Megyn Kelly, Moore warned Democrats that Trump needed to be taken seriously and said the idea of him winning the White House was no longer a "joke."

He expressed concern that Republican voters would be more enthusiastic than Democrats this time around. 

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