Mark “Oz” Geist, a member of the Annex Security Team on the night of the 2012 Benghazi terror attack, joined Sean Hannity to discuss the candidates’ performance at Monday night’s presidential debate.

Geist, a Marine veteran who was in Libya the night four Americans were killed by insurgents, said the fact that the debate moderator, Lester Holt, did not ask a question about Clinton’s handling of the attack and its aftermath portrayed the NBC News anchor’s alleged bias.

It just goes to show the bias that was there with the moderator--with Lester," Geist said, “They never followed up on any question."

“They [therefore] missed an opportunity to show America the type of leader [Hillary Clinton would] be,” he added.

Former Defense Intelligence Agency Director Gen. Michael Flynn, a Trump supporter who, like Geist, was in attendance in Nassau County, N.Y. on Monday, said the lengthy exchange on the Barack Obama “birther issue” “did not result in four dead Americans [or] a failed nation-state in Libya.”

“We have to look and see if this is the type of [leader] we want…that ended up putting people in harms way for political gain,” Geist said of Clinton.

Clinton’s leadership as secretary of state “allowed the military to atrophy,” Flynn said.

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