Billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, a Hillary Clinton supporter, joined Megyn Kelly to react to Monday’s debate.

He said he wanted his 12 year old daughter to experience the political forum, but admitted he was never offered a front row seat, as was reported last week.

“I went rogue on that," he said, saying that he was still honored to be in attendance nonetheless.

He also said he “didn’t care” whether Gennifer Flowers, an Arkansas woman with whom Bill Clinton admitted having an extramarital relationship, would be in attendance, following reports of her invitation in response to his.

Trump had mentioned the idea of Flowers attending the Hempstead, N.Y. debate in a tweet last week.

On Trump, Cuban said he “never took control of a question” and was always “counter-punching” to points made by Clinton.

“They asked him ‘what are you going to do about domestic terrorism, and he still hasn’t answered it’.

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