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Judge Andrew Napolitano says Hillary Clinton "clobbered" Donald Trump at the first presidential debate.

On "The Kelly File" last night, Napolitano said that debates are won or lost on general impression, and the impression many Americans will take away was that Clinton was in control and Trump was on the defensive.

"He utterly failed to address her singular weakness, which is the perception that she unworthy of trust," Napolitano explained.

"I could tell you five times that she lied under oath. I could tell you about FBI agents who believe their hands were tied, intelligence assets who think Americans died because she failed to retain national security secrets. He didn't go anywhere. He didn't mention any of that."

Napolitano said Trump did not seem prepared, and it appeared that he thought he could wing the debate and emerge victorious, as he did during the Republican primary debates.

On "Varney & Co.," Napolitano noted that Trump did mention the investigation into Clinton's private email server, during which several of her aides took the Fifth Amendment.

Napolitano said that line of attack, however, is not the most effective way for Trump to go after Clinton.

Napolitano explained that he should have said to her: "You failed to protect national security secrets. You sent state secrets to Sid Blumenthal. You sent state secrets to people who were hacked by the Russians. People probably died as a result of your failure to maintain state secrets."

Napolitano added that Trump completely failed to mention Benghazi, the secret war in Libya and Clinton repeatedly lying under oath.

"He dropped the ball on all of that."

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