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“You know when you’re watching Monday Night Football and you’re yelling at TV for the quarterback to hit the open man, but he keeps running the ball and you’re stuck with a 4th-Down punt?” Greg Gutfeld asked on The Five.

“That was me last night yelling at Trump, who failed to connect on a golden repeated opportunity—the emails!”

Gutfeld said Donald Trump failed to suitably grill Hillary Clinton over her email scandal, saying that “every response [Trump gave] should lead back to that scandal.”

“When the topic of cybersecurity arose Trump simply agreed with his nemesis--How can you take advice on cyber sec from someone who keep a server in her bathroom?” Gutfeld offered as an appropriate Trump response.

Regarding the Barack Obama ‘birther’ exchange during the debate, Gutfeld offered this response for The Donald:

“By the way, didn’t Mr. Obama use a pseudonym when emailing you on your private server that you kept in your bathroom?”

On his tax returns…

“My accountant Pleads the Fifth, like [Clinton aide] Cheryl Mills did over your private server, which you keep in your bathroom.”

“You need to remind them she is as trustworthy with our secrets as her husband is with our strippers!” Gutfeld added.

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