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Pollster Frank Luntz assembled a focus group of 27 voters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to grade the candidates’ debate performance in real time using his trademark “dials”, which average a candidate’s performance from zero to 100 percent.

Luntz’s group was composed of undecided voters, but included some that leaned toward Donald Trump, and others that were considering Hillary Clinton.

The focus group graded Clinton’s worst moment of the debate as the time she verbally called for “fact-checkers” to “turn up the volume and really work hard” to refute Trump’s claim he was opposed to the war in Iraq.

“Her criticisms were [often] well received because Donald Turmp handled them so badly…but they thought this was an ad hominem attack,” Luntz said.

Trump’s worst moment came, Luntz said, when he engaged moderator Lester Holt during questions about Barack Obama’s birth certificate and the Iraq War.

“I did not support the war in Iraq,” he interjected as Holt attempted to ask a follow-up question.

“Number one, do not trip when you arrive, and number two, don’t talk over the moderator,” Luntz said, recognizing that Trump broke the second “rule” at the debate.

“They just found Trump rude,” Luntz said.

Clinton’s best moment came when she spoke about working with Muslim populations in the war on ISIS and Trump's came when he mentioned ending wasteful Washington spending by pointing to his new hotel being built in the Old Post Office landmark on Pennsylvania Avenue in the District, describing it as under-budget and ahead of schedule.

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