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In the course of her political career, Hillary Clinton has participated in 11 one-on-one debates, while Donald Trump has zero on his resume.

With 30 total debates under her belt, will that advantage in experience help the Democratic nominee? Or could it actually hurt her?

Philip Klein, managing editor of the Washington Examiner, said that having experience and policy knowledge certainly helps, but that also comes with disadvantages.

"More people expect Hillary Clinton to win. That means that if Trump does pretty well, he might defy those expectations," Klein explained.

He added that even though Clinton has had multiple debates with President Obama, Sen. Bernie Sanders and others, she's never faced off with some as "unorthodox" as Trump.

"You don't really know what he's going to say. And it's sort of like you've driven a car your whole life, and then you have to drive stick shift. Maybe the previous experience might not be totally relevant."

Watch more above, and be sure to watch the first presidential debate tonight on Fox News Channel at 9 p.m. ET.

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