“Donald Trump is an extraordinary fellow and has accomplished much in his life,” actor Jon Voight told Neil Cavuto.

“He goes from place to place across this country [and] he’s as clear and as strong at [the end of the night] as when he started in the morning.”

The Yonkers, N.Y. native, known for many roles spanning five decades in television and film, criticized the “vast chasm between the two candidates" in terms of both platform and character.

“Donald Trump has no blood on his hands as Hillary does,” he said “Remember Benghazi!”

“The New York Times and the Washington Post have joined the liars of the world to take down Trump--Donald Trump is no liar—he says exactly what needs to be said.”

Neil Cavuto asked why Voight is one of only a few Hollywood celebrities who have not endorsed Hillary Clinton.

“They’re buying the Kool-Aid—they’ll buy whatever the Democratic Party puts out, which is…not much of a reputation for the truth,” he said.

“So many people don’t know anything,” he said of some Trump critics.

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