Media analyst Howard Kurtz joined The Kelly File to analyze Monday’s presidential debate.

Donald Trump “discussed serious issues for 90 minutes, but Hillary Clinton won the night on points,” Kurtz said.

“And, in basketball terms, she ‘controlled the ball’,” he said, “He was only scoring points…in response to her issues.”

Kurtz said Clinton in return, “won” on the Barack Obama “birther issue, his tax returns and stiffing private businessmen.”

“She also had some help from Lester Holt,” he added, implying that the NBC anchor moderating the debate was tacitly assisting Clinton in the way he engaged with Trump.

“For all the debate about Holt, the most aggressive questions, the most fact-checking interruptions were [directed at] Trump.”

But, Kurtz also said that Trump appeared “a little more disjointed” as the night went on.

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