Charles Krauthammer called the "spirited"  first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton "something like a draw," arguing that the result favors the challenger, Trump. 

He said Trump was "moderating" himself for the most part and never went "over the line" with anything that he said. 

"The very fact that he could go 90 minutes on the same stage automatically elevates the challenger," said Krauthammer, adding Trump did not commit any "gaffes."

However, he pointed out that Clinton was able to keep Trump on the defensive for much of the night, causing him to miss many opportunities. 

"She could find something personal about him that would make him go down rabbit holes at a time when he had wide openings to go after her on emails and other items and let them go."

Krauthammer said there was "nothing of substance" expressed by either candidate that would sway a key demographic: college-educated white voters.

He said voters were more interested to see how the candidates would interact and their overall demeanor, since they've heard their views on the issues for months.

Krauthammer said he does not believe the debate will have a big impact and is unlikely to stop Trump's recent momentum in the polls. 

Watch his full analysis above.

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