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Legendary Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight joined Neil Cavuto on Your World to talk about Donald Trump’s candidacy, ahead of Monday’s debate.

Cavuto asked whether Knight, an early Trump supporter, thought the businessman’s much-discussed temperament, and whether it would “get the best of him” while facing a seasoned politician like Hillary Clinton:

“I don’t think that’ll even get close to happening. [Trump will instead show] what an intelligent guy he is,” Coach Knight said.

He also likened his projections of a Trump presidency to that of a coach giving a team the tools needed to win a game, rather than one that places the responsibility on the players themselves.

“When I was coaching basketball, I felt my responsibility was to the players, not [for] the players to determine who would win, but that I would give the team the tools to win…[Trump] brings more to this table than anyone conceivably could bring,” he said.

Regarding the bankruptcies of some of Trump’s businesses, like in Atlantic City, N.J., Knight said such situations were often par for the course, “like any big corporation,” mentioning General Motors and other American companies.

He also gave his thoughts on the ongoing Colin Kaepernick-inspired national anthem protests at NFL games.

Watch the full clip above and let us know what you think in the comments.

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