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In the wake of the police-involved shooting of Keith L. Scott in Charlotte, N.C., Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence called on the American electorate to “step away” from efforts by Democrat Hillary Clinton and others “to paint law enforcement in this country with the broad brush of racial bias.”

“Hillary…before all the facts were in…referred to the implicit racial bias of policing,” Pence said of the investigation into the shooting death of Scott last week. Both Scott and the officer who mortally wounded him were black.

“Donald Trump and I don’t believe that law enforcement in this country is a force for racism or division,” he told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.

Questioned about the legitimacy of ‘stop and frisk practices’, which Wallace said were recently disavowed in New York City, Pence said the practice “literally saved lives in New York City.”

“It is on a sound Constitutional footing…[when implemented with] probable cause to stop and question individuals who they believe to be involved or about to be involved in a crime.

Regarding Hillary Clinton’s accepted invitation to billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to sit in the “front row” at Monday’s debate in Nassau County, N.Y., Pence said the move was an “effort to distract attention from…the stark contrast” between the two candidates.

“Hillary Clinton thinks this is an episode of Shark Tank. But this is America [and it is] serious business.”

“Mark Cuban knows about as much about national security as I do about basketball,” he said.

Pence also said Gennifer Flowers, with whom Bill Clinton admitted to having an extramarital sexual relationship, would not be attending the debate in-kind, after Trump floated the idea in a tweet on Saturday.

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