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Saturday on the Cost of Freedom, former United Kingdom Independence Party leader Nigel Farage discussed recent terrorist attacks against targets in the United States and Europe, and how many leaders are apparently “in denial” about the terror threat.

Neil Cavuto reported new London Mayor Sadiq Khan, of the Labour Party, said recently that “terror attacks are part and parcel for life in big cities.”

Farage criticized Khan, saying that we “may as well just put up the white flag.”

“We’re just going to normalize terrorism” then, he said.

“This is the same political class who whenever anybody says we should security check people…condemns [those people],” Farage, a member of European Parliament, said.

“[Bill] de Blasio is still in denial as to what happened in New York last week. Every time we get one of these horrendous incidents, this same clique of people say it has nothing to do with terror [or] religion.”

Farage said that, instead of tempering the seriousness of attacks, the “political class” should apologize for “what their policies and ideas have done to all of us.”

“What they fear is that if they admit the truth, that [Donald] Trump will get stronger” in the run-up to the election, he said.

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